About Sexy Web Videos

If you are Human, which we will assume for now you are, you like to watch sexy people do sexy things. Right?

Sexy Web Videos (SWV) was established by a small group of Humans (guys and girls) who were both discussed and disturbed by the absorbent amount of so called “sexy” videos that are available online today. You can’t even search for something simple as lingerie without something pornographic coming up on the results page. What happened to true tastemakers of erotica? Where are the 21 century Hugh Hefner’s hiding? The lines have become blurry as to what is truly sexy, and what’s “pornographic”. And although this is a subjective subject, most people are under the delusion that sexy and erotic equals porn and this is just not the case. We at SWV feel that you should be able to enjoy the videos that express true sex appeal without having to spend hours searching for them.

It was with that level of appreciation that we set out to gather up all of the sexiest videos we could find. Can you even imagine this task? Do a basic search on YouTube for “sexy” and you will get over 36,000,000 results. Figure that there are over 1,000 sites that offer videos and in the end you have a very large number. We were able to cut this number by 30% by focusing mainly on the women first, the girls on staff were outvoted on this one. With our small team of editors, and the friends of editors, we figure that we will be able to get through this material in just under 19 years!

Not really, we have new editors joining our team every week.
However, WE NEED YOUR HELP! If you know of a video that belongs on our List, please help us out by giving it a recommendation.

Our team is made out of artists, models, directors, and one token pervert. All we do is gather up what we feel are the sexiest videos and present them to you in a clean, orderly fashion. The artistry you will see featured on this site is amazing and able to provoke your deepest and darkest emotion. Thank you for coming to our little oasis on the Web and if you like what we are doing, please help spread the work.