GUESS – Thirty Sexy Years

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You can always count on three things, death, taxes, and the fact that GUESS has some of the sexiest ads in the world, and this one for the 30th anniversary is beyond noteworthy.

The campaign was developed under the creative direction of Paul Marciano and directed and shot by Ellen Von Unwerth, featuring Claudia Schiffer and her blonde bouffant in all its Brigitte Bardot-esque glory. The commercial was shot in Sorrento (Italy) and showcases the limited edition items that make up the anniversary capsule collection.
To underline the sixties glamourous input & the dolce vita atmosphere of the project, we chosen Rosemary Clooney’s classic interpretation of “Mambo Italiano” and the sexy soundtrack song “La notte è fatta per rubare” by Catherine Spaak.

Starring : Claudia Schiffer
Director : Ellen Von Unwerth
Created By : Paul Marciano
Director of photography : Jean Horon
Music Supervisor : Frederic Schindler & Thierry Planelle / TMA
Music : Rosemary Clooney “Mambo Italiano” (Concord Music Group, Inc.) & Catherine Spaak “La note è fatta per rubare” (Sony Music)

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